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Awareness Counts

Use counters as Eye openers

How to build awareness
for time, big numbers, cost ...

It is easier to become aware of trends and large numbers when we can see them. Why not let them evolve right in front of our eyes?

This is where awareness-counters come in. They create awareness. At once.

Some things are just too abstract for many people, perhaps your customers, to imagine. Such as inflation, for example.

Inflation eats our money

Until the moment we see it eating our money.

It works like that with a surprising number of things: Wasting time in a meeting touches us only when we see time and money to fade away irretrievably. We will only be aware of how much CO2 a hydropower plant avoides when we see a counter.


Meeting timer


Use our universal "awareness counter" for this. Set up freely to Your needs. Simply as a pre-set link to our website or directly on your own website. No matter whether you want to advertise, shake up or warn. We have exactly your solution.

The Features

  • Count forward and backward
  • With or without initial value
  • Clock with clock hands running aside
  • Count from beginning of the year or from opening the page
  • Any currencies and units
  • German and English set up, other languages ​​possible
  • With or without decimal places
  • Freely selectable background images
  • Optional news ticker line with / without links
  • Optional "prompts"

Free to use

You can assemble a clock and set a link on our website, where the clock will then be executed. Or you can show our counter in an iframe on your website. Both are free.


You can also get a counter to be built into your website. The basic version is also for free. And of course You can get it individually designed for you and built according to your special requirements. Ask us.

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