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How to
pass a counter on to friends

Easily pass on

Get started with our Setup-Counter. Use the button in its header to make settings and turn them into your topic, your numbers, your background image and so on. Now it would be nice if you could somehow keep this new meter and pass it on.

The Link

Counters only run on your own device. There are no cloud database and no cookies. But you can combine all the settings you have created and that make up your counter into a link and start the counter on our site. Anyone can do that, to whom you pass the link on.

How do you create such a link? It's simple: our counter does it for you.


Link to pass on


A single click creates the link that contains all of your settings. Just copy it out and pass it on.

And another tip: If You like to have a shorter link, You can get one from TinyUrl. But there is no need to do that.

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