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What about settings?

Perfect settings

Where are settings made?

Please use our Setup-Counter to create settings. Most of the settings are free for You to set even in the free version:

1. The numbers

The counter shows developments in real time. For this purpose, figures are given that relate to an hour, e.g. savings per hour, CO2 savings per hour, etc.

To do this, in most cases You have to convert a little. For example, if you have a statement like "We have 45 tons of sheet steel scrap per month", then you convert: That is 45,000 kg per month = 2143 kg per working day (21 working days) = 268 kg per hour (calculating 8 working hours per day)

For this the following settings are available:

  • Number or amount per hour: Can be positive or negative
  • An initial value
  • The indication of whether the calculation should be carried out since the beginning of the year or since when the page was called up
  • Decimal places: A constant number of decimal places is used in the counter. There number is taken from the start value or hourly rate whichever is higher
  • Unit: This might be a currency for counted amounts of money or let's say m³ for the representation of the ongoing wood growth in the Black Forest ...

2. Text strings

Your visitors usually should get some short explanatory texts. This is what these settings are for:

  • Language
  • Text above
  • Text below
  • Text in "News-Ticker" below the counter. No ticker is shown when You let this text empty
  • A possible link when clicking on the "News-Ticker"
  • A short title (max 20 characters) displayed, when the counter is used within Your own website

3. Promts

For frequent use as a meeting timer, there is the option of interrupting the counter at irregular intervals with prompts such as "Switch off your microphone while you are not speaking" etc.

4. Background image

You can put a link on any picture that should form the background of the counter.

For example there are free images offered on unsplash Please respect the image rights in any case.

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