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eats Your money

Inflation is eating into Your pension

Inflation may be good for debtors. But it is bad for saving money on a simple bank account. Invest wisely.

This clock helps You to become aware of the effects of inflation. Inflation means that Your money will loose a part of its value every day. When the clock startet at the beginning of the year, it started with 10000 $. There will be 10000 $ be left at the end of the year. But You can buy less with ist. That is what the clock shows: At the end of the Year we end up with the same amount of money, but we can only buy things, which would have cost 9500 $ at the beginning of the year. 500 $ will be eaten by inflation.

Inflation today (in 2022) is higher than 5%, which means that it will eat even more of Your money.

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