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Shipping boxes

Can you imagine that?

Where to put all the boxes?

The number of shipping boxes is beyond imagination. It may be environmentally friendly, at least in the countryside, if everyone doesn't drive into the city to shop themselves, but instead goods are brought using "public transport", the parcel services. The downside of the huge boom in the mail order business is a gigantic increase in the number of shipping boxes:

What can we do?

Maybe one day reusable shipping boxes will become established. Simple things may also help to some extent: Maybe not everything we order and send back is actually needed. And if we think about it, perhaps more could be combined into one order and one shipping box.

You shouldn't order everything individually. Combine orders! Or do you sometimes buy bird food? A 25kg paper bag is much more environmentally friendly than 25 1kg plastic bags.

Some things could also be made easier through technology: Why stick on a large label when a barcode and a uniform app would be enough for everyone involved? Reducing the size of billions of labels would be something.

Complaining doesn't help. Help.

Whatever improvements will come, raw materials, clean air and space for new roads may one day run out. Not ideas. Everything is easier too.

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