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Ride a bike, protect the environment

Every mile helps

Environmental protection through cycling

Germans cycle over 30 billion km a year. Many of them on the way to work. A real relief for the environment. And a benefit for your health.

What can we do?

If you leave your car at home and use your bike, you are protecting the environment. Every kilometer helps. Join us!

Important awareness example

Most people have problems with large numbers. In Germany you could become economics minister without knowing how many digits a billion has (and he spent a lot of them).

Our figures on the number of kilometers cycled come from a study by the federal government. Nevertheless, millions and billions were mixed up on a government website that linked to it. This was corrected after I pointed it out. But it shows how important the awareness counters are. They help make numbers more tangible.

This counter

You probably have no need for a bicycle mileage counter. But maybe You have other use cases.

This counter could be on Your own homepage for free. Featuring Your own topic and Your own figures. It could shake up Your customers and make them aware of the need for Your products.

You need a design matching Your own site´s? Send an email. We can do this for You.

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