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Glacial retreat

Our drinking water in climate change

Melting down

There are quite a few glaciers on earth: there are said to be around 220,000. Almost all of them are losing their ice at a breathtaking pace. Many glaciers have already disappeared.

It doesn't matter whether an ice desert becomes a rocky desert. It's about our drinking water. It's about rising sea levels, which are eating away at our coasts and swallowing up low-lying land.

The water in the seas is not only becoming more abundant, but also warmer. It is expanding and sea levels continue to rise. Warm water is killing the world's coral reefs and their magnificent biodiversity.

What can we do?

The CO₂ in the air must not continue to increase. We must stop burning oil, coal and gas. Everyone can contribute to this.

CO₂ is used on a huge scale in the production of steel and concrete. Wooden houses would help.

Meat production produces methane, which is many times more harmful than CO₂

Wood helps

CO₂ also has to get out of the air again. No certificates, no matter how colorful, can help, only products made from wood that store CO₂. Today, houses made of wood can be built safely and well, even with 10 floors. And a lot of what is made of plastic today can also be made of wood.

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