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miles and miles and miles

Where has the blue sky gone?

When burning aviation fuel, every aircraft turbine emits large amounts of condensed water vapor in addition to CO₂, creating a long, narrow cloud behind it. The stripes widen over time and sometimes continue to shape the view of the sky for hours. The amount of contrails produced is incredibly large:

What can we do?

Clearly, we need to fly as quickly as possible using fuel generated from wind and sun. That could make fuel cleaner and maybe reduce condensation. There also exist technical solutions to help contrails dissolve faster. But there seems to be no incentive to use them.

Until then, the only thing that helps is: fly less. Don't fly to an island for the weekend to drink, just long vacations every few years. And wherever there is a train, just stay on the ground.

Cargo also flies: millions of tons of packages, fruit and flowers are flown around the world and domestically. Air freight generates almost 1 kg of CO₂ per TKM (ton kilometer). This is 10 times more than by truck and 50 times more than by train. 1 kg of grapes that fly 9,000 km from South Africa to Europe in winter causes around 9 kg of CO₂. Prefer regional products.

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